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(Last update June 5th, 2017)

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Discover the treasurs of fabulous Iran.
Album "Iran - May 2017". (Last update June 5th, 2017)


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Climbing the Via Farinetta - Switzerland : This Superb via ferrata is not for the heart fainted for sure!

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The menu STORY includs a summary story of all our adventures from 2008. You can also choose to read the full story by clicking on one of the country.

IRAN: "Traveling to Iran? Isn't it dangerous? And continuing your journey through the Stans? Aren't you scared?" That is what we usually hear from our friends. Read more... (Last update : June 5th, 2017)


If you are curious to see where we have been or were we are, you can review the map showing the itinerary of your bicycling trip from Switzerland to Turkey, our journey on the American Continent and Northern Europe with our VW Combi, my backpacking trip in Asia or our 4x4 van trip in the Middle East and Africa. (Last update : June 5th, 2017)